Audit And Assurance Services

Audit and Assurance services

Statutory Audit


The firm has been conducting audit assignments of varied nature for a large clientele including Corporate Business Houses, Nationalised Banks, Mutual Funds, Stock Exchanges, the Central Bank of our country, NBFC's, VCF’s, Public Sector Undertakings, Insurance Companies, Co-operative Organisations, NGOs, Partnership Firms, Proprietary concerns etc. in diverse sectors including, Aviation, Financing, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Insurance (Life Insurance/General), Trading, Shipping, Power Generation, Banking, NBFC’s, VCF’s, Manufacturing, Construction, Consultancy Services, Engineering, Clearing and Forwarding services.


Management / Internal Audits/ Concurrent Audits and Review under Sarbanes – Oxley Act


The firm has good exposure in this area and has conducted management / internal audits of several large and medium sized Companies. The firm has conducted diverse internal audit assignments, Monitoring Large borrowal accounts for Banks/Financial Institutions apart from the normal audit functions. The firm also carries out review of the financial statements as per the requirements of Sarbanes – Oxley Act.


The approach followed for these assignments is targeted towards setting up and review of systems, operating efficiency, management information and control. Preparation as well as updating of Accounts/ Audit Manual, Fixed Assets Register, Secretarial and other statutory records.


The firm has carried out internal audit of one of the largest company in the Aviation sector and Investment audit of one of the largest Insurance entity.

Internal Financial Controls


The firm  helps in creation and preparations of risk controls matrices and flow charts for various processes and design and implementation  and testing of those controls. The firm helped various corporate's for implementation of internal control over financial reporting.  


Tax Audits


The firm conducts tax audits of various Companies, Trusts and other entities   under the provisions of Income Tax Act.


Transfer Pricing Audits


The firm conducts both International & Domestic Transfer Pricing audits of various Companies and other entities under the provisions of Income Tax Act.


VAT Audits / GST Audits


The firm conducts VAT audits / GST audits of various Companies and other entities 


Investment Audits/ Inspections


The firm has conducted various inspections on behalf of SEBI for various Mutual funds and investments decisions taken by their fund managers. The firm has also carried out Investment Audits for one of the largest life insurance company and a statutory body managing retirement benefit fund.


Third party circle ups


In order to facilitate the due diligence exercise by lead managers, the firm provide circle up comfort on financials numbers appearing in offering document tracing them to their actual source. We have a tie up arrangement with a senior ex-investment banker in relation to the above service.